Week 2 in Cape Town

Cape Town 001

The flag that hangs in the Backpackers!

London and first week in Cape Town 069

The train I take to and from SAEP!

The pool at the Backpackers. I just missed the warm weather!

The pool at the Backpackers!

Cape Town 013

Shingi and Blessing at Camps Bay!

I am meeting such wonderful people, both at the SAEP and in the community. The people that I’m staying with in the hostel are from all over the world. I have had the most intriguing conversations with my friends from Zimbabwe and Namibia. It’s a golden opportunity to learn about how other people live and the values they hold dear.

In relation to my International Public Service Project, I have had two meetings with stakeholders who have provided me with invaluable insight regarding the project that I will be working on. At this point my project plan is fairly solid and I am moving forward with the following 2 initiatives. Initially, I was going to work with the organization to launch an oral history project to capture the stories of “Gap Year” students and principals in the Philippi crèches. In addition to the oral history project I will also focus on producing a 5 minute video to tell the important stories of the SAEP.

I will be working with a former Gap Year student to complete the editing of all of the footage that I will collect. Although my primary focus will be the video, I will simultaneously be conducting full length oral history interviews to be archived at the SAEP.

On the weekend I went to see a fantastic place called Camps Bay! It’s the world’s most beautiful beach (in my mind) and is right next to Sea Point, which is where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet. It looks like Beverly Hills meets Nice, France. It’s incredible to look out into the ocean from the very tip of the continent. The sand is a sparkling white and palm trees line the shore. Locals walk up and down the beach selling beautiful paintings, word carvings and quilts. I had the most delicious seafood curry at a restaurant along the beach. Camps Bay is also well known for its culinary mastery and beautiful restaurants. I’ve heard that movie stars like Robert DeNiro and others have properties in the area.


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