It’s Friday in Cape Town!

My BFF in South Africa!! Tracy from Zim!!

My BFF in South Africa!! Tracy from Zim!!

tuesday june 2 003
Flat Muyo (that’s Spirit in Xhosa!)
SAEP Photos 268

Yet another beautiful face in the creche!


SAEP Photos 357

Goat in the neighborhood!

London and first week in Cape Town 084

Women to be saluted! Principals of the creches!


No, my momma and Bear are not in South Africa, but I'm posting this in their honour because I miss them! Notice how I spelled honoUr!! I'm back to my Canadian way of spelling in SA!


Flat Muyo 004

Lindsey, Flat Muyo and Shiela. Lindsey works hard at fundraising and many other initiatives at the SAEP and Shiela is a former Gap Year student breezing through her 3rd year at the University of Cape Town!

tuesday june 2 012

My great friend Thobela and Flat Muyo! Thobela is also a former Gap Year intern who now works at the SAEP!



~ by spirittrickey on June 5, 2009.

One Response to “It’s Friday in Cape Town!”

  1. Hey Spriit you are having all of the fun! What a wonderful way to see the world through the eyes of others. I love the beautiful pictures and yes, Africans have a spirit that is unmatched. They love to share whatever they have with those who are open, loving and accepting. I loved my summer in West Africa so many years ago and still smile when I think about those experiences and the people.


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